Harley Quinn #7

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A guardian, a protector, glimpsed as sudden motion against the Gotham skyline.

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Injustice: Year Two #22

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do you ever just have that one person you have a tiny subtle little crush on and it’s just never going to go away

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Batman Eternal #24 (2014)
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'You can stop trying to convince me to leave, Batgirl. Nobody should work alone if they don't have to.’ ll BATMAN ETERNAL #15

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For The Masses:

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"No doubt you’ll all be playing those warrior games like master Tim"

I’m going to latch onto this and discuss a thing.

I’m working on the assumption they mean Tim plays something like Warcraft. And I have an issue with that, and its an issue I have with a lot of headcannons and things I see along the same lines.

Now i’ve never played WOW but I had a friend who did, and it like took up a lot of her time, she had to schedual raids and things. And if I understand correctly its not something that you can just log out of if u get an emergency call without letting down your ‘team’.

Tim Drake would not have the time to play a game like Warcraft. He would not have time to blog or to tweet or to…or to anything like that.

Tim Drake is a pretty serious guy.Especially since he grew up a little and is no longer at school and stuff. I dont recon he actually has much free time at all that isnt spent tinkering with bat gadgets or investigating things.

And if he was to make time for recreational games my money would be on boardgames.Now back in the day it was canon that Tim played D&D. Now that I can see as fitting in better.

I can see Tim, dispite all his techy techy. Being into boardgames. Like it gives his brain a night off from the computwr monitor.

I think its more realistic that Tim would play D&D or even be into something like Warhammer than to play an online game. He would be the guy who only shows up to dungeon meetings (or whatever you guys call them) like once every couple of months and 99.9% of the time he cancels because ‘something came up’.

Or even like…do you remember Diablo one and two?.


As someone who has played online games, this is totally true! All of the endgame stuff tends to require scheduling and coordination and it takes a while. 

However, I can see Tim blogging. Not often, of course, and there are obviously time constraints, but I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he lurked around tumblr on occasion. 

tim did actually play d&d in canon, except in the dc universe it’s called warlocks & warriors :’)


(robin II - #3)

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Heir Al Ghul & Son of Batman

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Starfire + Food

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Not talking to you~

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tumblr staff changing the shade of some of the buttons is their version of moving all the furniture in the house two inches to the left